We are a brand that sets new standards in the world of cosmetics. Brand characteristics are esthetic design, an exceptional color palette and the highest possible quality.

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About US

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Cosmonova is a joint venture company between Asian factories located in Taiwan, Korea, and China that have combined with Cosmonova to serve the Latin American market. Cosmonova is thus able to offer a complete make-up line and an extensive skin care line to its’ Latin American clients. Our culture is one of constantly attaining a higher velocity of generating new designs and formulations for customers.

Our Products

cover the various cosmetic consumer target markets, age groups and price ranges. Customers targeting glamour and trendy lines, right down to teen and even pre-teen lines, will find a large selection of the highest quality products to suit these market needs with the latest in formulas and designer packaging. Our factories produce for broad product lines for the hundreds of customers we serve worldwide and thus have a huge selection of formulas, colors, package designs, and artwork. We are able to offer customers that service multiple market segments exciting products for each group, giving not only one stop shopping efficiency, but a selection of products to compete successfully with the top brands in the industry that specialize in a particular segment.

Turn-key services

for our clients come from a seemingly limitless array of options. Clients can create their own visions from our existing packaging spectrum, adding their own artwork designs that we can realize through our various technologies for finishing (eg. metalized finishes, silkscreen printing, wide selection of plastics in matte or high-gloss, and even natural materials such as wood, bamboo, carboard, and paper, with metal, various inlay and holographic technology, filling out the very fashionable alternatives). Giving further expression to our clients vision, are hundreds of formulations, creating combinations that will be unique when combined with the hundreds of packaging choices we offer you. Further differentiating our clients from their competitors are our truly exceptional packed powder designs (embossing and debossing patterns, back and side filling, free-form and highly controlled designs).

Our Team

of chemists, engineers, and designers are as excited about creating new products with your team as you are about offering them to your clients each coming season. If your creative team can imagine it, we are almost certainly able to produce your vision, often exceeding your expectations.

How We Work

Aside from maintaining the professional character and meeting the highest quality standards, it is extremely important for Cosmonova that its products can be used safely and without concerns.


Professional cosmetics not only for makeup artists, but also for all women with a desire for high-quality products


Our innovation is grounded in today’s hottest beauty trends, business needs, cutting-edge technology, and a deep understanding of what our diverse consumer base wants.


Unique collections allow every woman to create her own makeup style, which enhances her natural beauty.


All products are tested for skin compatibility and dermatologically approved. Comprehensive expertise and strict quality controls guarantee that every product is state of the art.


What We Do

Explore luxury formulas and outstanding results from Make Up. Create a look that’s truly you, with our range of exquisite foundations, eye makeup, lipsticks, brushes and accesories. Choose from our wide range of make up products to enhance your natural beauty and enjoy a perfected, radiant make up look.




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When it comes to innovation, time and again, Cosmonova has led the industry in giving consumers breakthrough and high-level products.


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